• Paneer-butter-masala

    Paneer butter masala is a party pleaser recipe in which paneer is simmered in a thick gravy made with tomatoes, butter, milk and Indian spices.

  • Lemon-chicken-baked

    This is the baked version of lemon chicken. Chicken drumstick marinated in lemon juice, preserved lemon and chilly powder, then coated with flour and lemon zest mixture and perfectly baked to a nice golden brown .

  • Pistachio biscotti

    Biscotti is a crispy Italian cookie which is perfect for dunking. What makes it different from other cookies is that it is baked twice and it does not call for any oil or butter.

  • Chocolate-walnut-fudge

    Chocolate walnut fudge is an ultimate chocolate and walnut combo for any chocolate lover. Cocoa powder, condensed milk, butter and walnuts combined together to form gooey, chocolaty and nutty fudge.

  • Tandoori chicken

    "Chicken tandoori is a very loved and treasured dish of India which is normally roasted in a "Tandoor" or clay oven. But we have used ordinary convection oven in this recipe.

  • Moong-dal-cheela-dosa

    Moong dal dosa is a healthy and quick alternative to regular dosa. This dosa has a pretty pale green color because of cilantro/coriander leaves which also enhances the taste of dosa. 

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