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Aloo dhaniya paratha

Aloo dhaniya paratha

Aloo dhaniya paratha is a flavorful and easy paratha or flatbread recipe which is a green twist on regular aloo paratha.

Appam recipe / palappam recipe

Appam recipe / Kerala style palappam

Appam or palappam is a special Kerala's flatbread made from fermented rice and coconut batter whick is thin on the edges and bulged at the center goed perfectly with stew or chana curry.

Aval nanachathu Kerala style / sweet coconut poha

Aval nanachathu Kerala style / sweet coconut poha

Aval nanachathu is a Kerala dish in which poha (flattened rice) is mixed together with jaggery and coconut. Different variety of fruits like bananas, apples, grapes or pomegranate are also added to it.

Carrot and ricotta cheese sandwich recipe
Carrot and cheese sandwich

Simple, quick and healthy sandwich with a goodness of carrot and ricotta or cottage cheese with a hint of desi spices.

Carrot paratha recipe

Carrot paratha recipe

Carrot paratha is a healthy and easy Indian flatbread recipe with goodness of carrots and whole wheat flour.

idli recipe / how to make soft idli
Idli recipe / How to make soft idli

Idli or idly is one of the most loved and frequently made breakfast food of Southern India. Soaked, ground and fermented rice and urad dal batter, poured into idli mold and steamed into soft and plump savory cake.

Namkeen paratha / almond flaxseed paratha

Namkeen paratha / Almond flax seeds paratha

Namkeen paratha is a salty and spicy paratha recipe stuffed with almond, flax seeds and chili mixture, hence the name almond flax seeds paratha. 

Methi paratha / how to make methi paratha recipe
Methi paratha

Methi paratha is an Indian flatbread recipe with the goodness of whole wheat flour and fenugreek leaves. 

Avocado paratha recipe

Avocado paratha recipe

Avocado paratha is very simple and easy paratha in which whole wheat flour is kneaded with avocado, garlic, cilantro and onion creating very soft and healthy parathas.


Medu / uzhunnu vada

A very popular south Indian deep fried delight which is perfect breakfast in weekends. In this ground urad dal are mixed with onion, ginger and curry leaves and fried to a golden perfection.

Nuts paratha/meetha paratha recipe

Nuts paratha recipe / meetha paratha

Nuts paratha or meetha paratha is a sweet flat bread (paratha) stuffed with ground walnuts, almonds and jaggery. Nuts paratha is a perfect breakfast recipe, as it fill you up for a longer time.

Banana adai recipe

Whole wheat and banana adai

Whole wheat flour, banana and coconut, this three awesome combination makes a super easy and tasty breakfast. A very tasty Kerala dish which is been simplified.

Ricotta pancakes with Strawberry sauce healthy recipe
Ricotta pancake with banana topping

Here the star ingredient is ricotta cheese not the flour. Ricotta pancake is a soft and fluffy pancakes which combine creamy ricotta cheese with eggs, cornmeal and whole wheat flour.

Puttu / Kerala puttu / wheat puttu recipe

Puttu / wheat puttu

Wheat puttu is a healthy variation of rice based puttu recipe in which wheat flour is slowly sprinkled with water to attain a desired consistency and then it is filled inside the " puttu kutti " ( a vessel used for making puttu) layered with coconut and steamed until it is cooked.

Pumpkin pancakes healthy recipe

Pumpkin pancakes

Pancakes made from pumpkin puree, whole wheat flour and a few warm spices and it's already smells like Halloween.

Peanut butter and berries toast
Peanut butter and berries toast

Peanut butter and berries toast is a whole grain toast with creamy peanut butter, layered with sliced blackberries and strawberries and drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.

Wheat iddiyappam
Wheat idiyappam

Wheat idiyappam is a healthier version in which whole wheat flour dough is pressed through idiyappam maker or sev maker into a coil of thin noodles with grated coconut and steam until cooked. 

Savory egg muffins

Savory egg muffins are protein packed breakfast which is pretty easy to make and very east to carry.

uttapam recipe
Uttapam recipe / onion tomato uthappam

Uttapam is a south Indian breakfast in which thick and fluffy dosa is topped with a variety of thinly sliced vegetables and browned on both sides. 


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