Coconut burfi

coconut burfi recipe

Coconut burfi or coconut peda is an Indian style sweet recipe in which coconut, Khoa or mawa (in my case ricotta cheese), condensed milk comes together to form a yummy dessert which is perfect for any auspicious occasion . The recipe came to me, when I was torn between a decision of whether to make kalakand (Indian milk based sweets) or coconut ladoo. Confusing Right!! So I thought why not combine these two popular Indian sweets and make a new recipe in which you can find the creamy texture of kalakand with a coconuty bite.

coconut burfi recipe

Yield: 6- 8 servings
Ingredients for coconut burfi :-

Method for coconut burfi :-

  1. Heat a wide non stick pan and add coconut, milk powder, ricotta cheese, condesed milk, sugar and cook on low-medium heat.
  2. Cook until all the liquid is absorbed and the mixture comes together. (It took about 15-20 minutes)
  3. Add cardamon and mix well.  
  4. Grease a square plate and pour the mixture in it and let it coll down completely before cutting it into a square.
  5. Or else you can shape the mixture like "peda". For this take 2 tsp of mixture in your greased hand and shape it into nice smooth ball and then press it lightly  to make it  a little disc shape.

You can frozen coconut instead of fresh one. It will make your life much easier and save your time too.
Use khoya or mava, if you cannot find ricotta cheese.