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Aloo chaat punjabi style recipe

Aloo chaat punjabi style

Aloo chaat Punjabi style is a easy chaat recipe in which roasted potatoes are topped with onions, marinated ginger strips, sev and pomegranate seeds. 

Beetroot cutlet / Kerala style beetroot cutlet

Beetroot cutlet 

Beetroot cutlets are delicious and beautiful red colored patties prepared with beetroots, potatoes and few Indian spices.

black beans dip recipe
Black beans dip

Wanna entertain large crowd but don't wanna spend too much time in making starters, then try this super spicy, creamy and lemony dip.

Besan pare

Besan pare is a spicy deep fried snack in which besan (chickpea flour) and rice flour are mixed with few Indian spices to form a dough, then rolled out and fried to a little golden and crispy strips.

Buffalo chicken bites

Buffalo chicken bites

Buffalo chicken bites is a oven fried chicken pieces coated with fiery and tangy buffalo sauce.

Corn cutlet

Sweet and spicy patties made up crushed corn kernels with green chillies, cilantro and bread crumbs and coated with saltines. These are yummy.

Dahi chana chaat / dahi chaat recipe

Dahi chana chaat

Dahi chana chaat is an easy and delicious chaat recipe in which chickpea, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and cucumber are dressed in yogurt and generously drizzled with green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney.

Potato wedges/chips baked recipe
Baked spiced potato chips

People go crazy for potato chips and why not, its Potato and chips together. But they also want to limit on deep fried foods. So dont get upset and try these amazing,spicy,crispy but baked potato chips.

Savory egg muffins

Savory egg muffins are protein packed breakfast which is pretty easy to make and very east to carry.

Thai corn fritters
Thai corn fritters

This friters is made up with corns, onions, chillies, cilantro, egg and rice flour. The best thing about this fritter is that ,it's not deep fried.


Guacamole is a very popular Mexican spicy dip composed of ripe avocado, onions, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno and lime juice.

Kerala mixture / spicy mixture recipe

Kerala mixture

Kerala mixture is salty and spicy tea-time snack in which spicy sev is mixed with fried peanuts, roasted split chickpeas, boondi, fried curry leaves and lastly coated with red chili powder and asafoetida.


Moong dal vada is a delicious deep fry snack and a perfect accompany to Indian style tea.

Gobhi manchurian

Gobhi manchurian is one of the most popular Indian-Chinese dish. Its really very delicious but not very healthy though. So try these low calorie baked manchurian for a change.

Aloo tikki chaat
Aloo tikki chaat

Chaat is one of very popular street food of India. Potato patties topped with peas gravy, onions, Tamarind chutney and sev. It's flavour will make your taste buds sizzle.

Kung pao tofu recipe
Kung pao tofu

Kung pao tofu is derived from kung pao chicken in which tofu is browned and coated with sauce and added with the stir fried vegetables and roasted peanuts.

Chicken manchurian
Chicken manchurian

Small bite size fried chicken pieces in a thick spicy chinese sauce. It's a very popular Indian-Chinese dish. So good.......

hot and sour soup recipe
Hot and sour soup

Warm up yourself with a very quick and easy vegetable soup perfect when it cold or rainy ouside. As the name says, this soup is totally hot and sour.

Kale chips baked

Kale Chips are great for healthy snacking and they are super easy to make. Who knew that the kale can be so delicious in the form of chips.

Medu vada / uzhunnu vada

A very popular south Indian deep fried delight which is perfect breakfast in weekends. In this ground urad dal are mixed with onion, ginger and curry leaves and fried to a golden perfection.

sweet potato spinach chickpea chaat
Sweet potato and spinach chickpea chaat

Sweet potato and spinach chickpea chaat is a healthier take on the traditional chaat recipe in which sweet potato patties is served with spinach and chickpea curry.

Lemon chicken baked recipe/chicken with lemon

Lemon chicken baked

This is the baked version of lemon chicken. Chicken drumstick marinated in lemon juice, preserved lemon and chilly powder, then coated with flour and lemon zest mixture and perfectly baked to a nice golden brown . 

Stuffed squash
Stuffed squash

Squash stuffed with chickpea, onion, sundried tomatoes and then topped with bread crumbs and almond mixture. Its yummy, healthy and easy to make.

potato salad with herbs recipe
Healthy potato salad with herbs 

A totally different, healthier and lighter approach to a traditional potato salad which is noramlly drenched in mayonnaise. This version may be lighter but fully loaded with flavours. 

tandoori chicken
Tandoori chicken

Chicken tandoori is a very loved and treasured dish of India which is normally roasted in a "Tandoor" or clay oven. Chicken marinated in a special blend of spices and yogurt, then roasted until it is brown and charred.

Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas
Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas

Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas is an easy and yummy recipe in which cauliflower and chickpea are coated with Indian spices and roasted until golden brown.


Sugiyan is a deep fried Kerala's tea time snack in which mung dal,coconut and sugar mixture ball are coated with flour batter and then deep fried.

sweet potatoes patties
Sweet potato patties

Sweet potato patties is a healthy appetiser recipe in which boiled sweet potatoes and white potatoes is mixed with cilantro, chillies, onion and cumin and roasted until golden brown.

Vegetable cutlet recipe
Vegetable cutlet

A very popular Indian coffee house snack in which variety of vegetables are boiled and rolled up into a patties and then pan fried to a crispy perfection.

Roti chips/ tortilla healthy chips
Roti chips/tortilla chips

Everybody loves chips. Chips and dips are vey simple and easy party pleaser. But these chips can be a good snack too. 

chicken with peppers recipe
Chicken with peppers

Chicken pieces marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon and hot sauce and shallow fried to nice dark brown and then served on the bed of stir fried onions and peppers.

carrot and ricotta cheese sandwich
Carrot and ricotta cheese sandwich

Simple, quick and healthy sandwich with a goodness of carrot and ricotta or cottage cheese with a hint of desi spices.

Tomato soup recipe
Tomato soup

Creamy homemade soup made from fresh red tomatoes and spiced up with cloves and bay leaves. Pair it with your favourite bread and salad and you will have a perfect light weeknight meal.

Roasted broccoli
Roasted broccoli Indian style

Oven roasted broccoli with a hint of garlic,lemon zest and cayenne pepper. Roasting enhances the flavour of broccoli by making it little nutty .

chickpea avocado salad
Chickpeas and avocado salad

It's a tasty combination of black chana(chickpea), avocado, red bell pepper, corn, onion and cilantro. Eat as a salad or salsa ,it works both ways.

pav bhaji recipe
Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a very popular Mumbai's street food which devoured by foodies. Wide variety of vegetables cooked together with onion-tomato masala and fully flavoured with butter and special blend of spices.

Tuscan vegetable and bean soup recipe
Tuscan vegetable soup

A very hearty, healthy and filling soup made with lots of vegetables and white beans served with crispy garlic rubbed bread. It's a complete meal in its own.

Spring onion paratha Til/sesame ladoo Whole wheat pav Thai shrimp green curry Roasted tomato pasta Plantain erissery
spring onion paratha recipe sesame ladoo recipe healthy pav recipe Thai veggie and shrimp green curry recipe pasta withr oasted tomato and asparagus recipe plantain errisery recipe
Garlic chutney Tomato raita Usal Konkani style Tuscan veg soup Rajma chawal Chickpea avocado salad
lasun-garlic-chutney-recipe tomato raita recipe usal Konkani style recipe tuscan vegetable and bean soup recipe rajma masala recipe chickpea avocado salsa recipe


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