Assorted recipes

carrot and ricotta cheese sandwich
Carrot and cheese sandwich

Simple, quick and healthy sandwich with a goodness of carrot and ricotta or cottage cheese with a hint of desi spices.

curry powder recipe
Curry powder

Assorted warm spices which includes cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper corns,coriande, cumin, fennel are roasted over low heat and then ground intoa fine powder.

Chai masala recipe / masala tea powder

Chai masala recipe / Masala tea powder

Masala tea powder or chai masala recipe is a warm spice mixture of whole dry ginger, cardamom, cloves and black peppercorns used in making tea.

Vella naranga achar/white lemon pickle Kerala style

Vella naranga achar(white lemon pickle) is another authentic pickle usually made in sadhays in Kerala. Steamed lemons mixed with sauteed ginger, garlic and chillies and flavored with curry leaves and fenugreek.

Poha chivda

Chivda is a very popular and healthy Indian snack. Poha(flattened rice) roasted with peanuts, cashews, raisins and few Indian spices makes this snack irresistable.

ricotta pancake
Ricotta pancake with strawberry sauce

Here the star ingredient is ricotta cheese not flour. This soft and fluffy pancakes combines creamy ricotta cheese with eggs, cornmeal and whole wheat flour.

garam masala recipe
Garam masala( Kerala syle)

Garam masala is a blend of roasted and ground aromatic spices. Just a little addition of this masala can spice up any simple dish.

Whole wheat and banana adai

Whole wheat flour, banana and coconut, these three awesome combination makes a super easy and tasty breakfast. A very tasty Kerala dish which is been simplified.

Moong dal dosa/yellow moong dal cheela recipe

Moong dal dosa/yellow moong cheela-chilla recipe

Moong dal dosa is a healthy and quick alternative to regular dosa. This dosa has pretty pale green color because of cilantro/coriander leaves which also enhances the taste of dosa. Another major flavoring agent in this moong dal dosa is ginger and cumin.

pumpkin pancakes healthy recipe
Pumpkin pancakes

Here comes Halloween and all I can see now is "PUMPKIN". So why not start the day with a perfect and healthy pumpkin pancake. Pumpkin puree, whole wheat flour and a few warm spices and it's already smells like Halloween.

Aval nanachathu Kerala style recipe/sweet coconut poha
Aval nanachathu Kerala style recipe/sweet coconut poha

Aval nanachathu is a kerala dish in which poha(flattened rice) is mixed together with jaggery and coconut. Different variety of fruits like bananas, apples, grapes or pomegranate are also added to it.

Whole wheat banana muffins
Whole wheat banana muffins

A healthy alternative for a regular banana muffins. Here all purpose flour is replaced by whole wheat flour but the muffins are still so flavorful and moist.

Spring onion paratha Til/sesame ladoo Whole wheat pav Thai shrimp green curry Roasted tomato pasta Plantain erissery
spring onion paratha recipe sesame ladoo recipe healthy pav recipe Thai veggie and shrimp green curry recipe pasta withr oasted tomato and asparagus recipe plantain errisery recipe
Garlic chutney Tomato raita Usal Konkani style Tuscan veg soup Rajma chawal Chickpea avocado salad
lasun-garlic-chutney-recipe tomato raita recipe usal Konkani style recipe tuscan vegetable and bean soup recipe rajma masala recipe chickpea avocado salsa recipe


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