Healthy recipes

avocado cilantro pasta
Avocado cilantro pesto pasta

"Mexico meets Italy" This spaghetti with pesto is a beautiful combination of avocado, cilantro, mixture of walnuts and almonds. Broccoli and endamame adds punch of vitamin and protein to this dish.

avial recipe

Avial is a mixture of different vegetables cooked together with coconut and tamarind or curd. It's an essential part of Keralite feast called sadya.

Potato chips baked

People go crazy for potato chips and why not,its Potato and chips together.But they also want to limit on deep fried foods.So dont get upset and try these amazing,spicy,crispy but baked potato chips.I am sure you are gonna love these.

Beetroot mint salad
Beetroot mint salad

This refreshing salad combines cooked beetroot together with lemon juice and fresh mint and then top with roasted peanuts.

Broccoli and white beans salad
Broccoli and white beans salad

A very healthy salad in which steamed broccoli is tossed with cooked cannellini(white) beans and dressed with lemon and cumin vinaigrette. It's a meal in its own.

Black beans dip

Wanna entertain large crowd but don't wanna spend too much time in making starters , then try this super spicy, creamy and lemony dip.

Roasted broccoli recipe
Roasted broccoli

Oven roasted broccoli with a hint of garlic,lemon zest and cayenne pepper. Roasting enhances the flavour of broccoli by making it little nutty .

broccoli thoran
Broccoli thoran

This dish combines grated broccoli with coconut and onion, steamed together. It is very easy to make and very healthy too.

Eggless corn bread

This is a soft, moist and very quick bread which contains fresh corn kernels and flaxseed meal. So, you will definitely not miss eggs here.

hot and sour soup recipe
Hot and sour soup

Warm up yourself with a very quick and easy vegetable soup perfect when it cold or rainy ouside. As the name says, this soup is totally hot and sour.

mexican chicken chili
White chicken chili

It's a hearty and hot bowl of chicken with white beans flavoured with few mexican spices, perfect for cold weather. It's a nice alternative to traditional tomato based beef chili.

Mathanga erissery/pumpkin and black eyed peas erissery

Pumpkin eriserry is a super healthy Kerala dish with pumpkin, black eyed peas and coconut together. Pumpkin is a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, fiber and many other nutrients.

Melon balls with mint
Melon balls with mint

Melon ball with mint is a beautiful, sweet and cold bowl filled with three diffrerent types of melons with agave and mint dressing.

sambhar recipe
Sambhar/Kerala sambhar

Lentils cooked with mixed vegetables and then flavoured with Indian spices and tamarind . A true south Indian gem both in the terms of taste and health.

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat and oats bread which is not only healthy but it taste good too. I have to say "There's nothing like the smell of homemade bread".

tomato moru curry
Tomato morru curry

It is a yoghurt based dish which incorporates sauteed tomatoes and garlic, seasoned with mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.

Tuscan vegetable and bean soup recipe
Tuscan vegetable and bean soup

A very hearty, healthy and filling soup made with lots of vegetables and white beans served with crispy garlic rubbed bread. It's a complete meal in its own.

Carrot raisins salad
Carrot and raisins salad

Sweet carrots and raisins together with tangy lemon juice, fresh mint leaves and crunchy roasted cashews .

Whole wheat and banana adai

Whole wheat flour, banana and coconut, these three awesome combination makes a super easy and tasty breakfast. A very tasty Kerala dish which is been simplified.

chickpea avocado salad
Kala chana and avocado salad

It's a tasty combination of black chana(chickpea), avocado, red bell pepper, corn, onion and cilantro. Eat as a salad or salsa ,it works both ways.

Pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and                                      asparagus
Pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus

This oven roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic and asparagus makes a perfect sauce for whole wheat spaghetti. A perfect and easy meal for any busy day.

Italian herb bread  recipe
Italian herb bread

A super fragrant bread with lots of italian herbs in it. Whole wheat flour adds a healthier touch to it. It's a perfect companion of soups and stews.

pumpkin pancakes healthy recipe
Pumpkin pancakes

Here comes Halloween and all I can see now is "PUMPKIN". So why not start the day with a perfect and healthy pumpkin pancake. Pumpkin puree, whole wheat flour and few warm spices and it's already smells like Halloween.

potato salad with herbs recipe
Healthy potato salad with herbs

A totally different, healthier and lighter approach to a traditional potato salad which is normally drenched in mayonnaise. This version may be lighter but fully loaded with flavours.

Vegetable spaghetti with cannellini beans and mustard lemon dressing

It's a feel good pasta with stir fried tri coloured bell peppers, onion, cabbage and broccoli with mustard-lemon vinaigrette. Cannellini beans makes this dish complete. It's easy and healthy.

sauteed kale recipe
Sauteed kale

Now a days, kale is like the queen of greens as it is considered a superfood and also versatile when it comes to cooking. so, this is a very simple and healthy side dish in which kale is sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes for a little kick.

chickpea spinach
Chickpea with spinach

Yet another simple and nutritious dish. Chickpea cooked up with onion and spinach with zested lemon in it .

eggplant chickpea pasta
Eggplant chickpea pasta

Famous dip "Baba ganoush" and Indian eggplant curry is inspiration for this pasta. Eggplants cooked with chickpeas and tomatoes then combined with whole wheat pasta.

Plantain bhurji
Plantain bhurji

Plantains are high in fiber, potassium and vitamins A and C. In this dish, boiled and mashed plantain is tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and urad dal.

mixed veggie pasta
Mixed veggie pasta

A super healthy pasta dish in which whole wheat penne is tossed with sauteed eggplant, bell pepper, peas, tomatoes, olives , peanuts and basil .

rosemary dinnerroll
Rosemary whole wheat dinner rolls

Goodness of whole wheat flour with lemony rosemary makes this dinner roll extra special.

Tomato soup recipe
Tomato soup

Creamy homemade soup made from fresh red tomatoes and spiced up with cloves and bay leaves. Pair it with your favourite bread and salad and you will have a perfect light weeknight meal.

Strawberry chutney recipe
Strawberry chutney

Strawberry chutney is a sauteed strawberries with mustard seeds, ginger, chili and turmeric. 

roti/tortilla healthy chips
Roti chips

Everybody loves chips. Chips and dips are vey simple and easy party pleaser. But these chips can be a good snack too as it contains goodness of hearty whole wheat flatbread with little sprinkle of spices.

Til/Sesame ladoo
Tilgud/Sesame ladoo

Sesame seeds mixed together with jaggery and coconut. It's one easy and tasty dessert.

spinach strawbery salad
Spinach with strawbery salad

Nutritious spinach combines with sweet strawberry which is loaded with antioxidant, dressed with rasberry and balsamic dressing and topped with toasted walnuts.

Stuffed squash
Stuffed squash

Squash stuffed with chickpea, onion, sundried tomatoes and then topped with bread crumbs and almond mixture. Its yummy, healthy and easy to make.

Rice with black eyed peas and green beans recipe
Rice with black eyed peas and green beans

Sauteed green beans and onion mixed with cooked rice and black eyed peas and flavoured with pav bhaji masala. It is a one pot meal.

ricotta pancake
Ricotta pancake with banana topping

Here the star ingredient is ricotta cheese not flour. This soft and fluffy pancakes combines creamy ricotta cheese with eggs, cornmeal and whole wheat flour.

Whole wheat banana muffins
Whole wheat banana muffins

A healthy alternative for a regular banana muffins. Here all purpose flour is replaced by whole wheat flour but the muffins are still so flavorful and moist.


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