Non vegetarian recipes

asian baked salmon
Asian baked salmon

Salmon marinated in a special sauce which combines soy sauce, vinegar, lemon grass, lime leaves, ginger and garlic, then roasted in an oven until flaky perfection.

chicken tikka masala recipe

Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is one of the most popular entrees in Indian restaurants and some say it's the national dish of UK. The origin of this dish is very complex and controversial.

Goan fish curry recipe

Goan fish curry

Goan fish curry is one of the most popular and delicious fish curries of India. Fish cooked in a creamy and light orange color sauce made with coconut , red chillies, cumin and coriander. 

chicken shepherd's pie

Chicken shepherd's pie 

Chicken shepherd's pie is a thick chicken and vegetable stew covered with a creamy potato crust.

Chicken teriyaki min
Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken teriyaki is a Japanese recipe with goodness of soy sauce, ginger, garlic and cooking wine.

Chettinad chicken

Chettinad chicken is a spicy, aromatic chicken curry recipe from the region of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu.

dhaba chicken curry / dhabha chicken masala

Dhaba chicken curry

Dhaba chicken curry is a very popular and loved chicken curry ordered in dhaba (very popular and rustic roadside restaurants of India).

fish stew
Fish stew

Goodness of variety of vegetables and fish together with creamy coconut milk and some Indian spices makes this dish irresistible.

Greek roasted chicken and potatoes

Greek roasted chicken and potatoes

Greek roasted chicken and potatoes is super flavorful Greek inspired meal in which chicken leg quarters is roasted with potatoes, carrots and onion.

Chicken kofta / chicken meatballs Indian style
Chicken kofta

Chicken kofta is an Indian version of meatballs made with minced chicken, spinach and some warm spices simmered in an onion-tomato gravy.

chicken with cherry tomatoes
Chicken with grape tomatoes

Chicken with grape tomatoes is a quick and healthy recipe in which diced chicken breast is stir fried with Indian spices and mixed with sauteed grape tomatoes and garlic.

Egg avial / mutta avial kerala recipe

Egg avial

Egg avial is a Keralite recipe of hard boiled egg curry in which boiled onions, tomatoes and potatoes are mixed with ground coconut and cumin and boiled eggs.

Kerala chicken curry recipe
Kerala style chicken curry

This chicken curry is fully flavoured with homemade masala(spice mixture). Addition of coconut milk gives this dish a nice balance .

matti fry

Mathi fry / sardines fry 

A very simple and crusty sardines dish from Kerala, marinated in red chilly powder, turmeric and lemon juice, then shallow fried. You cannot walk away from this sardines dish.

Murgh musallam / murg-musallam

Murgh musallam

Murgh musallam is a gourmet dish which was very popular among Mughlai people of Awadh. Murgh means "chicken" and musallam means "whole", as the name indicates this recipe involves cooking chicken as a whole.

Fish curry with coconut milk / Kerala fish curry recipe

Fish curry with coconut milk / Kerala fish curry recipe

Fish curry with coconut milk is a Kerala based fish curry recipe which can be made using a fish of your choice although Pomphret (Pompano), ayala / bangada (  Mackerel ) or Rohu (Indian Carp) would bring out the best flavors. 

mexican chicken chili
White chicken chili

It's a hearty and hot bowl of chicken with white beans flavoured with few mexican spices, perfect for cold weather. It's a nice alternative to traditional tomato based beef chili.

Chicken cafreal recipe / Chicken curry Goa style

Chicken cafreal 

Chicken cafreal is an authentic and spicy Goan dish in which cilantro, chillies, cinnamon, cloves, peppers, ginger and garlic are the key ingredients.

pistachios crusted fish
Pistachio crusted fish

White fish dipped in hotsauce and then nicely crusted with a mixture of pistachio, thyme and little breadcrumbs. Its crunchy and flaky.

Chicken curry / chicken masala
Chicken curry / masala

This is a simple and basic chicken curry cooked with a blend of onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and few spices.

Chicken manchurian
Chicken manchurian

Small bite size fried chicken pieces in a thick spicy chinese sauce. It's a very popular Indian-Chinese dish. So good......

blackened tilapia
Blackened tilapia

This taste as temping as it looks. Shallow fried tilapia coated with chilly powder, paprika, lemon pepper, fennel, ginger and garlic powder.

Ayala curry Kerala style recipe
Ayala curry / Kerala red fish curry

A very popular Kerala dish which I love. Base of this dish is red chilly powder and tamarind.  so, its really HOT and TANGY..........


Malvani chicken curry

A very flavourful coconut based chicken curry from the Konkan region. Malvani cuisine is a standard cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharastra and Goa. Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, roasted coconut and a special malvani masala. 

Goan shrimp curry
Goan style shrimp curry

A very popular Goan dish in which freshly roasted spices and coconut are ground together with tamarind juice and then combined with sauteed onion and shrimp.

mughlai chicken<
Mughlai chicken

As the name suggests, this is very rich and royal kind of chicken curry. Chicken cooked in tomato and cashew-almond sauce with few Indian spices. That's a crowd pleaser entree.

Kerala fish curry with coconut
Kerala fish curry with coconut

Another authentic fish curry from Kerala, so it has to be good. Fish cooked in coconut and tamarind gravy, hence making it irresistable for fish lovers.

Chicken stew Kerala style recipe

Kerala chicken stew 

Chicken stew is one of the very popular part of Christmas feast in Kerala. Slowly cooked chicken combined with carrots, green peas and potatoes in coconut milk fully loaded with flavours of special blend of spices

Kadai chicken / karahi chicken
Kadai chicken / chicken karahi

Kadai chicken is one of the most popular North Indian curries, especially in restaurants. Addition of freshly roasted ground spices and green bell pepper is what makes it special.

Lemon chicken baked recipe/chicken with lemon

Lemon chicken baked

This is the baked version of lemon chicken. Chicken drumstick marinated in lemon juice, preserved lemon and chilly powder, then coated with flour and lemon zest mixture and perfectly baked to a nice golden brown . 

Coriander chicken curry / Dhaniya murgh

Coriander chicken curry / dhaniya murgh

This chicken curry is very light and easy to make. Very few spices and tons of yoghurt makes it very different yet very yummy.......

Fish in foil packets/baked fish and vegetables in foil


Fish in foil packets is a super healthy protein dish which is very easy and quick to make.  Layered vegetables and white fish fillets which is dressed with soya sauce, ginger and lemon juice and baked in a foil packets. 

palak chicken recipe
Palak chicken

Chicken cooked in a traditional Indian gravy and then simmered in a super creamy spinach sauce. It's an easy way to sneak in spinach in your diet.


Taquila lime chicken

This is a super flavourful and super delicious chicken recipe in which chicken breast is marinated in lime, taquila, garlic, cilantro and chillies, then perfectly roasted in oven.

soba noodle with shrimp coconut curry
Soba noodle with shrimp coconut curry

Here soba noodle is tossed with shrimp, vegetables and coconut milk sauce and spiced up by garam masala creating a super flavorful dish. It's simply delect!

Thai veggie and shrimp green curry

Vegetables and shrimp cooked together with green curry paste and coconut milk resulting in flavourful, fresh and light thai green curry.

tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken

Chicken tandoori is a very loved and treasured dish of India which is normally roasted in a "Tandoor" or clay oven. Chicken marinated in a special blend of spices and yogurt, then roasted until it is brown and charred.

Chicken with peppers

Chicken pieces marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon and hot sauce and shallow fried to nice dark brown and then served on the bed of stir fried onions and peppers.

chicken roast kerala style recipe
Chicken roast Kerala style

Another authentic and very popular dish from Kerala. This recipe is very spicy and includes lots of onion, ginger and black pepper.

Shrimp and peppers pasta

A pasta dish with shrimp, green and red bell pepper and lots of garlic. Addition of white sauce enhances this dish by giving it a smooth and creamy texture.


chicken with cherry tomatoes

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