Salad and Soups recipe

Arugula pomegranate chickpea salad / arugula pomegranate salad

Arugula pomegranate chickpea salad

Arugula pomegranate chickpea salad is a light and peppery salad recipe in which baby arugula, fresh pomegranate seeds, pear and chickpeas are dressed with the most simple vinaigrette in the world.

Cauliflower and mixed sprouts stew
Cauliflower and mixed sprouts stew

Cauliflower and mixed sprouts stew is a vegetable stew in which cauliflower, carrots, potato and mixed sprouts are cooked together in a coconut sauce with a warm flavor of garam masala.

healthy cream of broccoli soup / vegan broccoli soup

Healthy cream of broccoli soup

Healthy cream of broccoli soup is a warm and nourishing bowl of broccoli goodness which taste so good that you will never know that it is healthy and vegan.

hot and sour soup recipe
Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup is one the most popular soup in any Indo-chinese restaurants in India.

Broccoli and white beans salad recipe


Broccoli and white beans salad recipe

Broccoli and white beans salad is a very healthy salad in which steamed broccoli is tossed with cooked cannellini(white) beans and dressed with lemon and cumin dressing. 

Beetroot and mint salad recipe

This refreshing beetroot and mint salad combines cooked beetroot together with lemon juice and fresh mint and then top with roasted peanuts.

carrot salad recipe
Carrot raisins salad recipe

Sweet carrots and raisins together with tangy lemon juice, fresh mint leaves and crunchy roasted cashews .

Celery and avocado salad 

Celery and avocado salad

Celery and avocado salad is a simple salad recipe which is healthy and pretty quick to make.

Chicken soup with collard greens / chicken and collard greens soup

Chicken soup with collard greens

Chicken soup with collard green is a warm, healthy soup in which skinless bone-in chicken breast is poached with onion, ginger, garlic, carrots, tomato paste based broth and collards.

Chicken salad with avocado dressing / chicken avocado salad

Chicken salad with avocado dressing

In this chicken salad, roasted and shredded chicken breast is mixed with red onion and grape tomatoes and coated in avocado dressing.

chickpea avocado salad recipe
Chickpea avocado salad recipe

Chickpea and avocado salad is a tasty combination of black chana (black chickpea), avocado, red bell pepper, corn, onion and cilantro.

bean and chicken soup with swisschard
Bean and chicken soup with swiss chard

Bean and chicken soup with swiss chard is hearty, warm and filling soup which will make you happy from the inside. Sauteed onion, celery, chard simmered with freshly cooked red kidney beans, chickpeas and chicken.

Fish stew recipe
Fish stew

The goodness of a variety of vegetables and fish together with creamy coconut milk and some Indian spices makes this fish stew irresistible.

healthy potato salad with herbs recipe
Healthy potato salad with herbs

A totally different, healthier and lighter approach to a traditional potato salad with yogurt and caper dressing.

kale mango salad

Kale mango salad

Kale mango salad is a healthy and pretty green salad in which kale is first massaged with oil and mixed with mango, avocado and lime juice.

Kerala vegetable stew
Kerala vegetable stew

Assorted vegetables like green peas, carrots, green beans, potatoes, onion are boiled in coconut milk with ginger and whole spices.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup is a simple and healthy Italian soup made with tons of vegetables, beans and pasta.

chickpea and pumpkin tagine / Moroccan vegetable with chickpea carrot and pumpkin
Chickpea and pumpkin tagine

Tagine is a Moroccan dish which is named after a particular wide earthenware pot with cone shaped lid in which it is cooked. Normally tagine is a Moroccan style slow cooking stew in which vegetables or meats or both are cooked with special spices, dried fruits and nuts.

  Red cabbage and black chickpea salad  
Red cabbage and black chickpea salad

Red cabbage and black chickpea salad is a cocktail of different flavors and textures in a single healthy bowl.

rice and black beans salad recipe
Rice and black beans salad

Rice combined with black beans, avocado and bell pepper with lemon-cumin dressing and melted cheese on a top.

spinach and strawberry salad
Spinach and strawberry salad

Nutritious spinach combines with sweet strawberry which is loaded with antioxidant, dressed with rasberry and balsamic dressing and topped with toasted walnuts.

Tomato soup healthy recipe
Tomato soup

Creamy homemade soup made from fresh red tomatoes and spiced up with cloves and bay leaves.

Tuscan vegetable and bean soup
Tuscan vegetable soup

Tuscan vegetable and beans soup is a complete meal in its own. A nutritious, all in one recipe for any meatless day.

Warm Cauliflower salad
Warm cauliflower salad

Warm cauliflower salad is a hearty salad with steamed cauliflower, avocado, chickpeas or black beans with caper and ginger dressing.

Zucchini potato salad / zucchini potato radish salad

Zucchini potato salad

Zucchini potato salad is a very simple and very flavorful salad recipe in which boiled potatoes, steamed zucchini, yellow squash and radish is dressed with basil vinaigrette.

Spring onion paratha Til/sesame ladoo Whole wheat pav Thai shrimp green curry Roasted tomato pasta Plantain erissery
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Garlic chutney Tomato raita Usal Konkani style Tuscan veg soup Rajma chawal Chickpea avocado salad
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